If you were mine, I’d kiss your ankles and neck and the tip of your nose. I’d bring you film canisters filled with love notes and interesting books and I’d send you texts with random facts whenever I discovered something new. I’d show up at your house at midnight with a pot of your favourite kind of tea and a blanket and tell you to come down so we could lie down on your lawn and look at the stars. I’d go into the city with you and throw away your map and search for someplace beautiful. I’d photograph you every day. I’d buy you baggy t-shirts and sing to you constantly. I’d give you your space if you wanted it, I’d make you mixes for every week we’d been together, I’d hold your hand underwater, and I’d love you until you asked me not to.

—Camryn Pulaski Day (via caskade)

reasons the his dark materials trilogy should be the next thing you read


  • lyra belacqua is actually one of the best written literary characters of all god damn time
  • lady protagonists AND lady antagonists
  • canonical queer characters (and they’re motherfucking angels)
  • good as fuck world building (and world destroying)
  • talking polar bears with their own system of government
  • moral ambiguity around every bend (if you’re into that kind of thing)
  • best character arcs
  • exploration of morality and ethics within religious spaces and outside of them
  • a case study on the danger of corrupt authority
  • romance for all tastes (first love!!! lost love!!! godkilling otps!!! queer angels!!!)
  • DAEMONS (aka corporeal patronuses that you can talk to)
  • the author says: “People should decide on the books’ meanings for themselves. They’ll find a story that attacks such things as cruelty, oppression, intolerance, unkindness, narrow-mindedness, and celebrates love, kindness, open-mindedness, tolerance, curiosity, human intelligence.” 
  • so many fucking ace characters and you will get unhealthily attached to at least five of them and cry a lot about them for the rest of your fucking existence. 
  • like you’re gonna get emotionally attached to a fucking talking bear ok
  • these books will rip your soul to shreds (in the best way possible)
  • awesome as fuck incorporation of christian mythology
  • REALLY COOL AUDIOBOOKS (listening library unabridged version) because they have voice actors for every character and it’s the coolest
  • just read them ok


Liam and his new girlfriend.

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you ruined my fucking life

zayn malik you are an angel.


*worries aggressively about the health and well being of multi-millionaire boy band members*

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